Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language Evaluations

Evaluations provide an in depth assessment of a child’s expressive and receptive language skills and articulation (sound production). If needed, assessment of vocabulary, feeding, oral motor, pragmatic language skills, and stuttering may also be completed as part of the evaluation.

Speech and Language Therapy

Specific therapy toward goals outlined in an evaluation. Parents will always know what their child is working on and progress towards stated goals.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Evaluations

An augmentative communication system can enable communication of thoughts and needs, improve speech and language development, encourage social interaction, expand educational and vocational opportunities, and increase independence in the home, school, and community.

Evaluation will consider many different systems, such as:

  • Symbolic gestures
  • Picture symbols
  • Picture exchange systems
  • Programmable switches
  • Voice output devices
  • Dynamic displays
  • Computer-based systems

AAC therapy, consultations and training

Specific goals for therapy will be determined from evaluation or at start of treatment. Education regarding programming, access options and use of device are some topics incorporated into therapy.

All services are provided within an individuals natural environment (e.g., home, school, work, community settings).

Insurance Billing

Wallace Speech and Language is an “in network” provider with BlueCross BlueShield and provides services through the Early Intervention Program in Illinois. We also are approved through Medicaid and Medicare of Illinois.